Learn how to paint

From first sketches to professional paintings


  • Learn how to paint the right way
  • Complete course; 24 lessons written with plenty of images to support.
  • 6 months average course duration.
  • No prior knowledge or experience is necessary.
  • You are in control; you decide where you study, when you study and which device you will use.
  • Get personal feedback from your teacher; he will guide you personally.


A constant desire to create is the essence of a true artist and the urge to express emotions, observations or dreams never fades away. Take a brush in your hand and let your creativity flow in vivid color and style. Create canvasses that portray the glory of nature or more complex designs in post-modern style. The possibilities are endless and our students are never afraid to challenge themselves and overcome their limitations. This painting course offers students the guidance they need to choose the right paint, ranging from oils to watercolors and then brings them through the steps of the painting process until they are ready to start their very own masterpiece. Immovable objects come to life, flowers bloom and images breathe with just a few strokes of the brush as students are inspired and delighted. Spending time painting gorgeous themes for your own pleasure or expressing your affection for someone close to you with lifelike portraits is an awesome and relaxing pastime. See the world through the eyes of a painter and give your work the final touch that makes it remarkable.



The setup of the painting course


"Learn how to paint" is for everyone who wishes to learn how to paint the right way and for everyone who already has some basic skills, but who would like to improve their painting skills. You will familiarize yourself with acrylic, oil and watercolor paint. Every lesson is interesting, practical and step by step with plenty of images to guide you.


The painting course consists of the following 24 lessons:

  • Course overview and supplies
  • Understanding values
  • Introductory color theory
  • Perceiving pattern
  • Composition and design
  • Brush techniques
  • Mixing colors
  • Introductory still life
  • Introductory landscape
  • Arranged still life
  • Arranged landscape
  • Open architecture scene
  • Introduction to oils
  • Experimental still life
  • Introduction to portraiture
  • Portrait painting
  • Natural portrait
  • Landscape
  • Introduction to watercolors
  • Introductory still life
  • Watercolor still life
  • Watercolor portrait
  • Watercolor scene
  • Watercolor landscape

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The cover of the example lesson for the painting classes


Create stunning paintings in a matter of months — guaranteed



  • We will teach you the correct techniques and steps so you can create beautiful paintings with acrylics, oil and watercolor paint
  • We will take you by the hand from day one. The basic principles of painting are explained to you in a very clear and understandable way. Acrylics, oil and watercolor paint will reveal all their secrets to you along the road and within months you will be able to create stunning paintings - also if you have never painted before. Everybody can create amazing paintings following the step by step guidance in the painting lessons.
    Can you imagine making a stunning painting like the one below? We are sure you will be able to with our painting lessons. See how the painting is build up step by step. Every step will be explained in full detail in the painting lesson.
    Learn how to make a painting step by step

  • Our painting teacher will provide you with valuable personal advice and answer all your questions promptly
  • When you are learning to paint it is good to get the confirmation that you are painting the right way. You would like to know if you are on the right track. You would like to get dedicated, personal advice on the paintings you made. And if you happen to be stuck or do not understand something you would like to ask for help. This personal help is given by our personal painting teacher, who is a painting expert. The majority of the students decide to sign up for the painting classes and hire the services of a personal teacher. Students who do so are allowed to ask for advice, questions and hand in painting assignments for grading. Students who choose for self-tuition take on the painting course by themselves. They cannot ask for advice, questions nor can they hand in painting assignments for grading.

    Let us introduce our personal teacher to you:
    Hello! My name is Tyler Fewell and I would like to help you improving your painting skills and guide you along this exciting way. As a drawing and painting teacher and freelance artist myself I can give you valuable feedback how you can improve your paintings, your painting technique and much more. I will also be there to answer questions you have. I have studied at the renowned School of the Art institute in Chicago Illinois.

  • Get updates for free
  • You will receive the latest version of the paiting course when we are improving the contents of our painting lessons; free of charge. Whenever there is an update, you will get it.
  • Every painting lesson has a personal touch
  • At the end of every lesson we ask you some questions in order for you to reflect some of the contents of the lesson to your personal situation. This will make you apply the learnings to your personal situation. By making you think like this you will find your way regarding what you like to paint, how to paint this and deciding which type of paint fits you best. This personal touch is much appreciated and helps you improving your painting skills and gives you guidance.
  • Become part of the Didacton painting community and meet other painting enthusiasts
  • You are discovering the wonderful hobby of painting. And you will be able to share all your experiences with other painting enthusiasts in our learning management system. Would you like to share painting ideas? Would you like to meet up with others? Or would you simply like to ask the opinion of others? You can do this and much more in your Didacton learning management system (lms).
    The lms is the focal point of your painting classes with Didacton. In it you will be able to take the painting course, interact with the teacher (optional), hand in painting assignments (optional) and see your grades (optional). Furthermore you have the opportunity to spice up your personal profile and interact with other painting students in the painting community. We are striving to improve and expand the lms continously and your feedback will be much appreciated.
  • Learn how to paint at your own pace and be fully flexible as you can use the device you prefer wherever you want whenever you want
  • One of the main advantages of taking online painting classes is that you decide how much time you would like to take for every lesson. The painting course consists of 24 lessons. If you work on one lesson every week you are done in almost six months. But you decide your pace - you can take more time or go faster. You have one year access to the lms, but this can be increased upon request. You also do not have to worry that other students are faster or slower than you are. You decide your pace and you do not have to worry about others.
    You can access the lms with your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. This means that you are fully flexible with which device you would like to take the painting classes. Furthermore this means that you can also study wherever it suits you, whenever it suits you. You only need access to the internet.
    You will be able to conveniently print the individual lessons in case you prefer to read the lessons on paper.

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