Chinese for beginners (HSK 1)

Learn the basics of Chinese



  • Learn the basics of the Chinese language the right way
  • Complete course; 16 lessons written and plenty of audio files.
  • 4 months average course duration.
  • No prior knowledge or experience is necessary.
  • You are in control; you decide where you study, when you study and which device you will use.
  • Get personal feedback from your teacher; she will guide you personally.


Nihao! We are excited to share with you the melodic serenity of the Chinese language, providing you with the basics of the language of this red giant of Asia. The most populous country in the world, China’s language is part of its magical history, including astonishing achievements and a historic legacy that has made China a powerful force in the world for thousands of years. From famous dynasties and martial arts to the Great Wall, China is a true wonder of the world. Our goal is to assist you in your quest to learn the Chinese language, to express your interest and appreciation with the correct words (Mandarin dialect in particular) and to become capable of conducting meaningful and interesting conversations with natives or visitors from China. China has one of the largest and most developed economies in the world, so the right move for businessmen who work in this major Asian market is to learn the basics of Chinese Mandarin. Besides showing respect for their foreign partners with fluency in Chinese Mandarin, learning the language will greatly enhance business communications. This Chinese course will be your guide, whether you walk the crowded streets of Beijing or simply order food from your favorite Chinese restaurant. The Forbidden City will no longer be off limits – your language skills will grant you access wherever Chinese Mandarin is spoken. Start your journey with confidence.