Life coach

Learn how to coach and support people



  • Learn all theoretical aspects regarding life coach.
  • Complete course; 23 lessons offered as e-learning.
  • 6 months average course duration.
  • No prior knowledge or experience is necessary.
  • You are in control; you decide where you study, when you study and which device you will use.
  • Get personal feedback from your teacher; he will guide you personally.


Do you consider yourself an extrovert with an enhanced sense of social and emotional awareness for the growing challenges and obstacles that are present in modern life? Does your advice and constructive guidance always seem to reach people and help with problems? You sound like a natural life coach, and you may want to apply your positive attitude and coaching abilities in a way that will change your life and the lives of others. It is part of human nature to constantly look for trustworthy people with whom we can share our opinions, fears, problems and personal desires. Life coaching provides an opportunity to build that special alliance between a selected guide, who provides support and assistance, and the client, who acquires motivational, creative and competent coaching that will help him/her find balance, reach goals and live happily. Choose the profile truly meant for your natural talent and become a life coach. You will inspire others and help them focus on their goals for successful outcomes that will define them. Following your dreams for understanding life is a worthy goal that can allow you the opportunity to help make the dreams of others come true. Life coaching is the best option for personal growth and career development. The world is waiting for a gifted coach like you.