Grief support

Learn how to guide people in difficult times



  • Learn all ins and outs regarding grief support.
  • Complete course; 20 lessons written.
  • 5 months average course duration.
  • No prior knowledge or experience is necessary.
  • You are in control; you decide where you study, when you study and which device you will use.
  • Get personal feedback from your teacher; he will guide you personally.


Joy and sadness always go hand in hand; life itself is a complicated mix of emotional ups and downs. Sometimes, however, it may seem as though we constantly have to face the loss of somebody or something we love and care for, and the only thing we can do is grieve. These emotions are normal and understandable. Grief can break people up inside, make them feel depressed, exhausted and deeply hurt; it can even turn them to thoughts of self-destruction and put them on very dangerous pathways. The grief support course will make you capable of providing support for those who grieve; to assist them on their recovery right from the start. You will learn about techniques for emotional approaches used for grief support; you will gain significant and practical knowledge of the grieving process and about active involvement in the steps of healing. The grief support course will help you to help people to open up, share their feelings and live a positive life after their personal or professional loss. From your family members and friends to clients who ask for guidance and advice, you will become a fully capable and trusted ally to help the bereaved overcome their grief and find their balance.