Writing children's books

From idea to publishing; create your very own world



  • Learn how to write books for children of different age groups.
  • Complete course; 14 lessons written.
  • 4 months average course duration.
  • No prior knowledge or experience is necessary.
  • You are in control; you decide where you study, when you study and which device you will use.
  • Get personal feedback from your teacher; he will guide you personally.


Do you believe that words can magically capture the essence of childhood and open the gates of extraordinary worlds filled with adventure and laughter? Many writers share the same dream - to write a beautiful book that will spread joy among young readers and forge a place among their fondest memories. When it comes to targeting your audience, nothing compares to the bright young minds of children, eager to learn and be delighted while reading enchanting stories that will make them think and leave them amazed at the same time. Children are true fans and can be the toughest critics because they want to be entertained and invited to join an unforgettable journey, exploring every corner of a writer’s imagination. If you want to write a children’s book, you have to know the right balance of elements that will make it outstanding. Kids want defined and funny characters, real emotions, dream worlds, epic quests and battles, mystical creatures or magical powers that will become gateways to the unusual or hilarious. You may well be the next Mark Twain, J. K. Rowling or Dr. Suess. Set your inner child free and write a book. Your little readers are waiting.