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How to receive your course

Great! You purchased a voucher for a Didacton course. And now you would like to start with it. On the left hand side you see "Enter your voucher code". Please type or copy your voucher code here and confirm by clicking on the green "Submit" button. Our website will then see if this is a valid code. When your code is valid you will go to the next page to fill out your personal details. The login details for the course are to the email address you provide within minutes. If the code is not valid you will get a message that your voucher code is inactive. If this is the case please email us a copy of your voucher. This can be done to info@didacton.com .

Voucher code or security code?

On a Groupon voucher you can see two codes: - voucher code - security code Please fill out the voucher code on this page and confirm. The security code has to be filled out on the next page.